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By NAPA Net Staff9/22/2014 • 0 Comments

A new survey throws cold water on the notion that a single member of high-net-worth (HNW) couples wears the financial decision-making pants. The survey found that 66% of HNW investors made joint financial decisions with their spouse or partner, and this was particularly true on matters related to retirement.


By Fred Barstein9/22/2014 • 0 Comments

One of a series of InvestmentNews articles for plan advisors addresses the issue of managed accounts. Many experts are quick to dismiss managed accounts as a niche that has gathered minimal assets. But those assets have almost doubled over the past two years, to an estimated $163 billion, according to Cerulli.


By Nevin Adams9/22/2014 • 0 Comments

We know that the IRS imposes a specific timeframe on when distributions of retirement savings from qualified plans must start — but what might happen if those requirements were removed?


By NAPA Net Staff9/22/2014 • 0 Comments

Things you might have missed — but shouldn’t. Click here to view NAPA Net's highlights from last week.


By Nevin Adams9/19/2014 • 0 Comments

Congress is heading out of town, but that hasn’t stopped a consortium of unions and consumer groups from sending a “Dear Member of Congress” letter lending their support to the Department of Labor’s revision of the fiduciary rule.


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