Columnist: Warren Cormier

Warren Cormier

Warren is the author of the "Inside the Plan Participant's Mind" column for NAPA Net the Magazine.

He founded and serves as the President of Boston Research Group. Warren has more than 25 years of quantitative and qualitative experience in financial services research for investment companies (both retail and institutional clients), banks, and insurance companies with particular focus on retirement assets. Warren also partners with NAPA on the NAPA Research Institute, which features cutting-edge research findings for the DC community. In 2007, Mr. Cormier Co-founded the Behavioral Finance Forum with a mission to foster collaboration between the world's leading behavioral finance academics and financial institutions to help consumers make better financial decisions. He serves as Director of Research for both Shawmut Corporation and Bank of Boston and was a partner at Temple, Barker & Sloane. Mr. Cormier is recognized as a market research leader in the Defined Contribution industry and in 2006 was voted one of the Top 20 Most Influential People in the Defined Contribution Industry. Mr. Cormier is also the creator of the DCP 2000- 2008 plan sponsor satisfaction and market dynamics studies.

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