Last Week on NAPA Net

Highlights of the week of Feb. 11, 2013, included:

Plan Design and Compliance

• The Urban Institute cited a recent survey that auto enrollment may be causing plans to lower matches for current employees to keep costs stable.
• Milliman reviewed 10 simple ways that participants can improve their 401(k) plan.
• Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew questioned the effectiveness of 401(k) plans during his confirmation hearings.
• Chris Carosa opined that the SEC’s delay on promulgating a uniform fiduciary standard could be costing retirement investors $1 billion per month.
• John Carl of the Retirement Learning Center reviewed the special IRA rollover rules for airline employees.
• Nevin Adams from EBRI highlighted the costs of loans and withdrawals.
• Fidelity was sued for allegedly keeping float income illegally by participants seeking class action status.


• Flow into TDFs continued to break records in 2012.
• John Miller of PIMCO reviewed the risks of using passive investments, especially for fixed income, in TDFs.

Sales Strategies

• More plans are remaining with their incumbent record keepers, according to surveys by Annova Consulting.
• Even with new fee disclosure regs in place, small plans are still reluctant to take action.
• New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin reviewed a start-up that promises to show sales people how they are connected to prospects.
• Marcus Chandler gave tips on how to get past the dreaded gatekeeper.

NAPA and the Summit

• Marcy Supovitz, NAPA’s Founding President, reviewed key new members like Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Raymond James and Putnam, as well as a +90% renewal rate after NAPA’s inaugural year.
• Two of the 2013 NAPA/ASPPA 401(k) Leadership Award finalists, Jania Stout and Chad Larsen, were profiled.
• Yaqub Ahmed from Franklin Templeton will team up with Josh Dietch from Chatham at the Summit to review ways advisors can improve business development strategies gleamed from win/loss surveys conducted last year.

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