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What’s Your RFP Experience(s)?

RFPs, or requests for proposal, have long been valued tools in advisors’ arsenals. However, over the past several years, RFPs have played a growing role in the hiring of advisors as well. This week, we’d like to know about your experience(s) with RFPs.   Read More

Orphan Plans Under the DOL Rule

File this under the category of unintended consequences: On the one hand, the DOL conflict-of-interest regulation could create more orphaned plans without an advisor, while at the same time probably making it more difficult for record keepers to assign these plans to an appropriate advisor.   Read More

Kmak: Stop the Race to the Bottom on Fees

There are plenty of financial pressures on DC plans, providers and sponsors. Not to mention the importance clients place on fees when considering whether to drop an investment manager. In a June 20 session at the 2016 SPARK National Conference held in Washington, D.C., Tom Kmak, CEO of Fiduciary Benchmarks, offered some ideas on how that can be addressed.   Read More

A Fiduciary ‘Idiot Light’

Since the initial flurry of so-called “excess fee” litigation a decade ago, many pundits have opined that this type of litigation, funded, if not fueled, by a contingency fee structure was really only a concern for those larger plans and their larger asset pools.    Read More

Next Wave of RFPs: Target Date Funds

During a discussion about what’s working for his practice, an advisor said that he is having great success with both clients and prospects by leading with a target-date fund (TDF) RFP before searching for a record keeper. Might that make sense for you, and if so, what are best practices?   Read More

Tips on Negotiating Fees

While advisor fees have gotten a lot more “reasonable” – meaning lower – in recent years, greater litigation risks resulting from the DOL’s final fiduciary rule may create a counterweight, exerting upward pressure on fees, according to CapTrust’s James E. (“Jeb”) Graham.   Read More