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What Happens in Vegas…

The Silver State — with little fanfare and precious little notice — on July 1 enacted legislation that subjects broker-dealers and advisors doing business in Nevada to a new fiduciary standard, and one that explicitly allows the client to sue under state law. And it might inspire similar actions in other states.   Read More

Does a Large Retiree Population Affect Investment Returns?

In analyzing relationships between the age structure of the population and investment returns, the researchers found some evidence that a population with more retirees than workers increases the supply of savings and drives down investment returns, according to a compilation of research reviewed in a recent issue brief by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR).   Read More

Cardin: ‘Do No Harm’ in Tax Reform

Kicking off the first day of the 5th annual NAPA DC Fly-In Forum July 18, Senate Finance Committee member Ben Cardin (D-MD) expressed his unwavering support for the current tax incentives for retirement savings, noting that a fundamental point for him on tax reform will be to first “do no harm.”   Read More