Use It or Lose It

When EBRI was founded 35 years ago, I was about six months into a job doing pension accountings for a large Midwestern bank. At the time, I didn’t realize I’d still be working with those kinds of issues in 2013 — in fairness, like most recent college graduates, I wasn’t really thinking about anything that was 35 years in the future.   Read More

Last Week’s Top 5 Posts on NAPA Net

Last week’s top five most-read posts on NAPA Net reflected keen interest in the comparison of advisor salaries to other types of financial professionals, NAPA’s updated DC provider list, Morningstar’s new advisor rating system, a new video on Liability Driven Investments and why 401(k) jargon may need a reboot.   Read More

Save the Date: 2014 DC Fly-in Forum

If you had to skip NAPA’s inaugural DC Fly-in Forum last September because of a scheduling conflict — or if you want to make sure you return for the second Fly-in — you can now put Sept. 30-Oct. 1 on your 2014 calendar. Those are the just-released dates for next year’s Fly-in. The event will be held at the W Hotel in Washington.   Read More

‘Partial Retirement’ on the Rise

It’s becoming increasingly common for older workers to move from a career job to a lower-paying “bridge” job prior to retirement, according to a University of Michigan Retirement Research Center study. A big reason for the increase in this kind of “partial retirement”: higher unemployment.   Read More

NAPA’s Updated DC Provider Lists

Every six months we update our list of DC providers (record keepers and DCIO firms) and broker dealers. Though there have not been any major shifts, there are more subtle changes that might indicate the direction of the providers specifically and the market in general. Here are some comments on changes we have seen since our last update in May 2013:   Read More

Time to Reboot 401(k) Jargon

Jim Phillips, a plan advisor in Massachusetts and contributor to The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch site, calls the DC industry on the carpet for the confusing jargon we use when dealing with plan participants and sponsors. And he’s not talking about Monte Carlo simulations or hedging tail risk — he’s talking about really simple terms that we might assume everyone understands. For example:   Read More

Windsor Ruling on DOMA Creates Opportunities for Advisors

A new study from the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) looks at the changing retirement strategies of same-gender couples in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision earlier this year. That decision led to the IRS and DOL adopting a uniform definition of “spouse” that includes legally married, same-gender couples, regardless of their current state of residence — effectively expanding pension rights for millions nationwide.   Read More