Class of ’74

Little did I know as a college student in 1974 that the newly-signed ERISA law — and the structure it provided to the nation’s private pension system — would, in the years to follow, play such an integral role in my life.
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DOL Offers Some ‘Friendly’ Advice to Supremes on 401(k) Fee Case

The Department of Labor has offered some “friendly” advice to the U.S. Supreme Court as it considers a review of a high-profile 401(k) fee case. In a “friend of the Court” amicus brief filing, the DOL said it thinks that the high court should weigh in on the statute of limitations issue presented in Tibble v. Edison — but not on the issue of reviewing an alleged breach of duty in administering the plan in accordance with its terms.   Read More

Advisor RFPs Gaining Momentum

More than 10 years ago, the practice of conducting RFPs, which was firmly established for larger and mid-sized plans, started moving down to the small market, enabled by tools that made even the blindest of blind squirrel advisors appear farsighted. Is that evolution beginning for advisor RFPs?
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