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401k Practice Builder

Gain the fundamental knowledge you need to successfully sell and manage 401(k) plans, and diversify your client base. And, for CFP credential-holders, earn 3 CE credits!

If you are an advisor who is new to 401(k) plan sales and need some help getting started, or if you have some experience but want to grow your assets, the NAPA 401(k) Practice Builder is just for you. This five-module, fully interactive online course is simple, practical, fast, convenient and cost-effective.

The NAPA 401(k) Practice Builder provides straightforward explanations of complex industry topics. Every topic is explained in relation to your day-to-day sales encounters. Work on the modules at your own pace on your PC or tablet — the whole course should take you less than three hours. The Practice Builder Course costs just $275.  

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What Users Are Saying about 401(k) Practice Builder

"Suffice it to say I am impressed with the NAPA 401(k) Practice Builder educational program. I would have benefitted from something like this when I was starting in the plan business. Navigating through the modules was easy. I felt the content was well thought out and specific yet it did not dive too deep into the more complicated topics. My overall impression is this is a valuable tool that the industry should utilize while introducing new advisors to the world of working with retirement plans. Well Done!!" 
— Sean, financial advisor, Boston, Mass. (more than 10 years of 401(k) plan sales experience)

“NAPA is unquestionably THE education leader for the 401(k) sales industry. Unbiased, with an unbeatable history of knowledge and thoughtful leadership.”
— Mark P., Financial Advisor, Retirement Plan Sales Specialist and NAPA Member

"NAPA 401(k) Practice Builder is intuitive, easy to follow, well thought out and very comprehensive. The information provided ondeveloping a service model, the Investment Policy Statement, and retirement plan committee formation was great, and something I will draw on as we sharpen our firm’s materials and our fiduciary process. I would absolutely recommend the training to an advisor who is new to 401(k) plan sales." 
— Justin, Boston, Mass. (1 year of 401(k) plan sales experience)

“The layout and design of the NAPA 401(k) Practice Builder was very easy to use. The way it teaches is perfect. The 'learning checks' in the middle of the modules were very helpful. This is WAY better than most online courses. I actually learned something, and most importantly, it was taught in a way that will stick with me.”
—  Mitch, finance student, Washington, D.C. (new to 401(k) plan sales)