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About our Podcasts

D.C. Pension Geeks, a conversation with top retirement-related policymakers and regulators in and around Washington. Hosted by Brian Graff, an attorney, accountant, former Capitol Hill staffer, and now CEO of the American Retirement Association, it’s an inside view of the ups and downs, ins and outs and sometimes surprising turns Washington takes on the road to ensuring a secure retirement for millions of hard-working Americans. View All Episodes.

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Latest Episode: John Scott - The Positive Impact of State-Based Auto-IRA Programs

Retirement policy veteran John Scott, Project Director, Retirement Savings with The Pew Charitable Trusts, joins American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff to discuss how the programs are performing, their impact and the surprising stats fueling their growth. Read More.



The Great 401(k) Podcast Debate is a short-form, point-counterpoint style debate on the top issues affecting retirement plan advisors, sponsors, and participants. Its contentious yet respectful format is meant to encourage an open and honest airing of diverse viewpoints and innovative ideas. View All Episodes.

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Latest Episode: PEPs—Hot or Not? The Pros and Cons of Pooled Employer Plans

Drew Crouch, Senior Tax and ERISA Counsel at Senate Finance Committee, joins American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff to answer these questions and more. It’s a fascinating discussion you won’t want to miss. Read More.



Irreverent, but relevant. Nevin Adams and Fred Reish offer listeners their perspectives on all things retirement. View All Episodes.

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Latest Episode: Roth Relief, Fiduciary Filings & Crypto Calls, Oh My!

Summer may be winding down, but there’s been a LOT going on in the retirement world. In this episode, Nevin (Adams) and Fred (Reish) run down the hot topics, and the implications behind these trends.

In what has traditionally been a “quiet” news period, the retirement industry had been buzzing with a number of key developments on a wide variety of topics…and summer isn’t over yet!


The Executive Interview is a short-form podcast featuring leaders in the retirement plan space describing relevant issues and their reactions to them. Whether it’s regulation, legislation, strategy or a host of other hot topics, listeners hear directly from those involved and how it can (and will) affect their business. View All Episodes.


Latest Episode: Guaranteed Lifetime Income: The Participant’s Point-of-View

We sit down with Michael De Feo, Head of Defined Contribution Distribution at Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz), to discuss how guaranteed lifetime income solutions, such as in-plan annuities, can help increase the likelihood of positive participant outcomes. Read More.



In this exclusive podcast series Nevin Adams, Chief Content Officer of the American Retirement Association, will explore some of the key aspects with the help of Sudhir Roc-Sennett – better known as “Suds” - Head of Thought Leadership & ESG Quality Growth Boutique Vontobel Asset Management. Listen to Entire Series.


Turning Stones Podcast Series

ESG – environmental, social and governance–focused investing has proven to be one of the more controversial – and yet least understood – approaches to investment management, particularly as it relates to American retirement plans.