Portal Conductor: David Levine

David is the author of the "Inside the Law" column for NAPA Net the Magazine.

He is a principal at Groom Law Group, Chartered. He practices in the employee benefits and tax areas, with a primary focus on matters involving qualified retirement plans, non-qualified retirement plans, and tax-exempt retirement programs. Mr. Levine's areas of service include: the redesign of complex pension, defined contribution, and executive plans arising out of merger and acquisition activities; ongoing, day-to-day counseling of companies with respect to retirement and executive plan issues; in-depth compliance reviews of corporate qualified and non-qualified retirement plans; guidance on retirement plan issues relating to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; design, implementation, and maintenance of governmental and tax-exempt organization retirement and welfare benefit programs; and representation of tax-exempt organizations with respect to issues involving corporate governance, executive compensation, and unrelated business income tax liability. Mr. Levine is the immediate past Chair of the IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities (ACT).

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Enforcement and Litigation Update

In 2016, I wrote a column about the rise of litigation and enforcement against plan advisors. At the time, there were only a few lawsuits involving advisors. Now, unfortunately, this concern has come to pass. What should an advisor and his or her advisor organization do now?   Read More

Advisers and Commoditization

Plan sponsors regularly reach the conclusion that advisers are all interchangeable because, so often, on paper, all advisers look the same. If plan sponsors adopt this assumption, adviser services can simply become a race to the bottom of a commoditized marketplace.   Read More