Author: Jerry Bramlett

Jerry Bramlett writes about investments for NAPA Net the Magazine. He is the Managing Partner of Redstar Advisors and Managing Director of Sage Advisory Services.

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‘Invisible’ Costs: A Drag on Investor Return?

Internal fund expenses matter since they tend to be higher than external expenses and, on average, have a negative impact on investment return. But there are ways to weed out overactive managers and identify funds that contain too much “hot” money.   Read More

Sell Low, Buy High?

One would think that DC plan sponsors and their advisors — who are supposedly sophisticated and not ruled by emotion — would not fall into the sell-low, buy-high trap. Nonetheless, a review of the academic literature reveals this to be the case.   Read More

The Emergence of the DC Robo-Advisor

Robotics (powerful computers running sophisticated algorithms) have played a large role in the de-industrialization of the U.S. economy. The next industry set to be transformed by robotics or robotic process automation is the financial services industry.   Read More

Investors in the Dark About Investment Fees

The born-on-the-web RIA firm, Rebalance IRA, recently produced a report, aptly titled, “Nearly Half of Americans Surveyed Falsely Think They Pay Zero Retirement Investment Fees.” The study found that when asked what they pay in retirement account fees, 46% believed that they do not pay any fees at all.   Read More

Japan’s Economy: A Warning for the US?

Before World War II, Japan was known as the Land of the Rising Sun. After its devastating defeat, however, it became known as the “land of the setting sun” — a description that became the title of a book by the well-known Japanese novelist, Osamu Dazai.    Read More

Market Reaction to Geopolitical Events

Plan sponsors often look to their plan advisor to provide some perspective on the impact of current geopolitical events on the markets. This is especially the case when asset prices are high and the bears are out and about, with many predicting an imminent demise in the equity market. 
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Hedge Funds in a 401(k)?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Hedge Funds in Your 401(k): Do they Fit,” Jason Zweig discusses the possible “place” of alternatives in 401(k) plans. In the article, “alternatives” refers to “anything other than plain old stock or bond portfolios.”
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