Author: Michael Bushnell

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Graff: DOL Rule Could Devastate Participant Education

With so much attention being paid to the potential impacts of the DOL’s fiduciary rule proposal, NAPA Executive Director Brian Graff points out that there is a lesser known consequence to the rule that could be equally calamitous for both advisors and participants.   Read More

How to Plug Leaking DC Plans

Plan leakage is a major roadblock to achieving broad retirement readiness, with 45% of DC participants cashing out their plan balances upon leaving their job, according to one report. There are many reasons why participants cash out, notes Warren Cormier of Boston Research Technologies, and some clear solutions that could mitigate the problem.   Read More

What Retirement Readiness Really Means

The overall savings outlook for older workers isn’t as dire as a recent GAO report contends, according to Nevin Adams, who stresses that these reports often miss a larger point: Americans with access to a retirement plan are far better off than those without it.   Read More

Reenrollment into TDFs a Worthy Investment

Many 401(k) plan participants’ accounts aren’t properly allocated to meet their changing needs. And while target date funds can remedy this problem, many sponsors are reluctant to implement large-scale changes, even if they result in stronger portfolios.   Read More