Plan Health

Plan Health

Plan Health includes the very important topics associated with whether participants within a DC plan are on track to achieve their goals, whether by age band or salary. In addition to measurement, this topic covers practical ways that advisors, providers and plan sponsors can improve participant outcomes, featuring real life examples. Working together, these parties act as the figurative “doctor,” “hospital” and “pharmaceutical company” to help the “patient” not just get to retirement — but to thrive.

5 Keys to a Successful Web Platform

Increasingly, a 401(k) plan’s digital platform — both website and mobile — is becoming participants’ main point of contact with the plan, upping the ante on the quality and efficiency of the user experience. What can consumer research tell us about doing a better job of fulfilling users’ digital expectations?   Read More

How to Plug Leaking DC Plans

Plan leakage is a major roadblock to achieving broad retirement readiness, with 45% of DC participants cashing out their plan balances upon leaving their job, according to one report. There are many reasons why participants cash out, notes Warren Cormier of Boston Research Technologies, and some clear solutions that could mitigate the problem.   Read More