Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing covers the various ways that advisors find new business, including prospecting, marketing, branding, cross selling, strategic partnerships and social media. Experts in these areas illustrate best practices in these topics with real life examples and provide helpful commentary and resources.

Online Referral Services Profiled

Remember when the Internet promised to do everything from clean your teeth to provide high-quality leads that cost very little? Well, the reality is a bit more sobering, but there are a number of online referral services to choose from, as outlined in a recent FAIQ article. Various services are profiled, mainly for individual investor leads, ranging from a take-off on to one that helps advisors get articles placed in the press, and a new one by a former FA called “FireMyAdvisor.”   Read More

No Link Between Social Media and AUM

Always interesting and often controversial, BrightScope released its list of the 100 most “social” advisors — those that rank the highest in their use of social media. RIABiz writer Lisa Shidler provides commentary to the list, listing the top 25 and interviewing many of them. The bottom line: There is little correlation between social media ranking and AUM.   Read More

LinkedIn Spearheads Partnership to Help Supervise Advisors

Social media remains a mostly untapped opportunity for highly regulated financial advisors and their supervising organizations. LinkedIn has become the dominant professional business networking site. In partnership with various industry software vendors, the firm has announced a program to help BDs and RIAs supervise their reps to ensure that they are complying with SEC and FINRA rules.   Read More

How to Multiply Your 403(b) Market Presence via Technology

Over the last 30 years we have seen unprecedented changes in retirement choices in the 403(b) marketplace. There have also been enhancements to help advisors communicate with clients and prospects. Are these changes helping or hurting you? How can you adapt your practice to utilize these tools and better communicate your message — without losing the personal touch?   Read More

Retirement a Fresh Opportunity for Older Entrepreneurs — and Advisors Serving Them

For an increasing number of Americans, the word “retired” is a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps “redirected” is more like it. Demographics and the lingering aftermath of economic stresses on employers are major drivers behind a trend in which workers who are displaced — involuntarily or voluntarily — seize the opportunity for professional rebirth. For many, that means starting their own businesses.   Read More

Windsor Ruling on DOMA Creates Opportunities for Advisors

A new study from the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) looks at the changing retirement strategies of same-gender couples in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision earlier this year. That decision led to the IRS and DOL adopting a uniform definition of “spouse” that includes legally married, same-gender couples, regardless of their current state of residence — effectively expanding pension rights for millions nationwide.   Read More

NAPA Webcast Highlighting Opportunities Marketing to Small Business Owners Set for Nov. 19

Small businesses represent more than 99% of all companies in America — and yet nearly 72% of small business employees do not have access to a retirement plan. An upcoming webcast hosted by NAPA and ADP — featuring John Carl of the Columbia Learning Center — will demonstrate how advisors can best support small business owners.   Read More

Selling to the C-Suite

C-suite execs have a laser-like focus on cutting costs, growing revenues, delivering a return on investment to shareholders and retaining top talent. Selling them on a retirement plan strategy takes the same kind of focus on the advisor’s part. (Fall 2013)
By Bruce Shutan   Read More