Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships are one of the most effective ways for an advisor to grow a retirement practice, whether through TPAs, bankers, CPAs, attorneys or other advisors not focused on corporate retirement.

The Benefits of Unbundled 401(k)s

In building strategic partnerships, Pete Kirtland wrote in Friday’s Wall Street Journal about the value and benefits of the unbundled approach: “When we talk about building 401(k) partnerships, there are two models in the retirement plan space. The old-fashioned one is called bundled. That’s where all the different services for 401(k) plans — financial advisory services, record keeping, third-party administration and custodial services — are offered by the same entity. In an unbundled environment, a different entity provides each of these services, and that’s their core competency.”   Read More

5 Steps to a New Marketing Strategy

A new year is fast approaching, which for many advisors means it’s time to give some thought to their marketing plans. Creating — or reviewing — a marketing strategy provides an excellent opportunity for you to define and launch initiatives to capture a greater share of the retirement plan business in your marketplace. An article from the folks at 401k Coach lays out five steps that will help you develop a strategy.   Read More

Avoiding TPA Partnership Pitfalls

In an article they wrote for the Journal of Pension Benefits, Sarah Simoneaux and Chris Stroud from Simoneaux and Stroud Consulting Services offer some valuable insights on how TPAs can benefit from strategic partnerships. In fact, the lessons are transferable to any business segment.   Read More