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The Executive Interview

What’s happening with lifetime income products in retirement plans? It’s a loaded question and a major topic but thankfully, we have Brendan McCarthy here to help us sort it all out. McCarthy, Head of Retirement Investing at Nuveen, is on the front lines of the retirement income battle. He joins us to discuss the challenges of the 401(k) generation, what it will take to get widespread retirement income adoption, and how something called longevity literacy can help.

Speakers: Brendan McCarthy, Head of Retirement Investing at Nuveen.


The Standard rocked the retirement plan recordkeeping world last October when it announced its acquisition of Securian Financial’s retirement plan recordkeeping business. Part of ongoing industry consolidation, it was major news for 401(k) advisors, sponsors and participants. How well is the integration going, what's next for the players, and how will it affect the retirement space overall? We sit with key insiders for answers. 

Speakers: A.J. Ijaz, Vice President, Asset Management Group, The Standard; Theodore Schmelzle, Second Vice President, Retirement Plan Services, The Standard