Top DC Wholesalers

Only plan advisors know how important their DC wholesaler can be in building, managing and growing their practice. We call them “DC Wingmen” because if they are doing their job, they have your back.

And only advisors know which Wingmen are really good and truly add value.

That’s why NAPA set out to identify the top wholesalers who serve the DC market — the truly elite Wingmen. Our first annual Top DC Wholesalers list, published in March 2014, quickly became an industry staple.

Our 2017 list of the top 100 DC wholesalers — the Wingmen — is posted here. (It was also featured in “Mission, Critical,” the cover story of the Fall 2017 issue of NAPA Net the Magazine. To view a pdf of “Mission, Critical,” click here.) With an estimated 1,400 record keeping and DCIO external wholesalers working directly with advisors, the 2017 Wingmen list represents the top 7% of the industry.

To view the 2016 Wingmen, click here. To view the 2015 Wingmen, click here.

Selection Process

One of the things that sets the Wingmen list apart from other published lists is that it is based on a nominating/voting/selection process that taps the experience and perspective of NAPA’s plan advisor members. Here’s how the three-part process works:

  • Nominations: The process starts with NAPA’s DCIO and record keeper Firm Partners submitting their wholesalers for nomination. Wholesalers who work directly in the field with plan advisors are eligible for nomination; internal relationship managers are not eligible.
  • Voting: NAPA members and other advisors vote for their favorites using our online voting tool. Only votes from advisors submitted from a corporate/business email account are tallied.
  • Selection: The final vote tallies are reviewed by the NAPA Top Wholesalers Blue Ribbon Committee, which selects the top wholesalers.

Check back here and in the NAPA Net Daily for news and updated information about the 2018 Top DC Wholesalers list.

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