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New data shows that the average balances for self-directed brokerage accounts bounced back from the sharp losses seen at the end of 2018.   According to Charles Schwab’s latest SDBA Indicators Report, which analyzes investment trends from 137,000 retirement plan participants who currently invest... READ MORE
The House of Representatives is moving forward with its promise to approve the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act during the month of May. On May 21, the House approved on a party-line vote the so-called “rule” for the SECURE Act (H.R. 1994) – a key procedural... READ MORE
Consensus is a part of who we are as a people. But voices offering new ideas that challenge accepted mindsets are also part of who we are. And that applies to the discussion concerning retirement savings and preparedness as much as it does for anything else. There was lively debate in the May 15... READ MORE
Disqualification of an expert witness “is a drastic measure that courts should impose only hesitantly, reluctantly, and rarely.” Thus begins a rebuttal to an attempt to disqualify well-known ERISA attorney Marcia Wagner as an expert witness in an excessive fee case. The plaintiffs in the case,... READ MORE
I was late to the Game of Thrones – and though its final season seems a bit “rushed” – there has been plenty to not only watch, but mull over in its eight-season run. And yet, as the series wound to a close on Sunday night, I kept thinking there were some lessons for retirement amidst the mayhem... READ MORE
When it comes to living a comfortable retirement and having enough money to retire, workers throughout the world share many of the same concerns, according to a new global survey.  The most frequently cited retirement concerns are declining physical health (50% global and 44% U.S.) and running out... READ MORE
As the Memorial Day holiday (and, as tradition holds, summer vacation, generally) approaches, it’s time once again to pick the best song(s) about retirement. We’ve done this for several years now – and each year has brought together a different playlist. So, as you crank up the tunes – in your car... READ MORE
The 2019 Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans, a body that provides support and advice to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), has said that it will be reviewing transfers of uncashed checks from ERISA plans to state unclaimed... READ MORE
There has been a lot of litigation in recent months alleging excessive fees and an imprudent reliance on proprietary funds by asset manager’s own 401(k) plans. But a new study finds some interesting differences in plan design and participation. The findings are captured in a recent white paper... READ MORE
Demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies is strong among investors and research supports the case for integrating ESG factors into the defined contribution investment decision-making process, yet the industry still appears hesitant, according to two new reports.  In “... READ MORE