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The usual debate about fees charged by mutual funds is about whether to use passive or active funds. The argument for passive funds is that very few active funds beat their benchmark, so why pay more? This may lead to the conclusion that lower-cost funds perform better. Christopher Carosa of... READ MORE
If you think it’s complicated trying to determine an individual’s retirement funding needs, imagine trying to do so for all American workers.When EBRI modeled the retirement savings gap of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers earlier this year, we found that between 43 and 44 percent of the households were... READ MORE
The National 401(k) Record Keepers list includes vendors that provide record keeping services at the national level. This means that they have significant presence in all regions, whether measured by plans under management or by sales personnel. There are about 600 so-called “Record Keeping TPAs”... READ MORE
Providers, and particularly DCIO’s, spend a lot of money on value-add services to help them distinguish themselves and their services above and beyond record keeping administration and money management — much of which has been commoditized. The array of products, services and tools is virtually... READ MORE
In a scathing report on service provider 408(b)(2) disclosures published Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal detailed the problems that plan sponsors have in two key areas: first, understanding the fees disclosed by providers under the new regulations; and second, trying to determine whether they are... READ MORE
Guardian Life has hired industry veteran Stephen Davis to run sales at their retirement plan division, replacing Dale Magner, who departed earlier this year. Most recently Davis was at The Hartford, where he represented their mid market services to advisors. Previously he held a similar position at... READ MORE
Most experts are predicting massive consolidation among DC record keepers, with the big push just about to begin — especially with four national record keepers representing more than 100,000 DC plans likely to change ownership in the next few months. The businesses of many large national record... READ MORE
Batten down the hatches — a perfect storm lies dead ahead. Election-year politics, a struggling economy, a gargantuan federal budget deficit and the push for tax reform will combine soon, and will create a challenge for the retirement planning industry that we haven’t seen since 1986. That’s the... READ MORE
RFPs are commonly used by record keepers but less so by plan sponsors searching for a new advisor. Selecting the right advisor is more important than the selection of a record keeper or even the funds in the plan but, until now, there was no industry sponsored template for plan sponsors to use. The... READ MORE
You may want to put one or both of these upcoming disclosure-related webcasts on your calendar:What Plan Committees Must Do with 408(b)(2) DisclosuresNow that service providers to ERISA-governed retirement plans have provided written disclosures about their services, fiduciary status and... READ MORE