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Retirement planning may be too late for many baby boomers; Gen Xers (age 30-44) are burdened with debt; and Millenials (age 21-30) have low savings and participation rates. It seems like a day does not pass without some research from a retirement provider about the lack of retirement savings and... READ MORE
Though he’s not popular with New Jersey public employees, Gov. Chris Christie (R) seems likely to play the “Constant Gardener” with the state pension scheme in the wake of a report by the State Budget Crisis Task Force headed by Paul Volker and Rutgers professor Richard Keevy. Though recent reforms... READ MORE
The DOL is moving forward with its plan to issue a new proposed regulation on retirement plan benefit statements. Reportedly, the proposed regulation will include the DOL’s initiative on lifetime income by providing for disclosure of an equivalent annuity benefit. This would be in the form of an... READ MORE
New York Times business columnist Gretchen Morgenson lauded the attempt by the EBSA’s Phyllis Borzi to change the rules related to the retirement plans of bankrupt companies. Reviewing the plight of Penn Specialty, whose $4 million plan remained in limbo while the company went through bankruptcy... READ MORE
Advisors and industry professionals know that training, certification and continuing education are important — not just for personal and professional growth but also because clients value it. In fact, according to industry research, 95% of plan sponsors value advisor credentials, and 90% are more... READ MORE
Behavioral Finance, or “Befi,” made famous in the DC world by UCLA professor Shlomo Benartzi, may be one of the most overused and least understood terms in our industry. Professionals from Sibson Consulting, a division of Segal, provide a basic and easy-to-understand guide to Befi, including... READ MORE
Are advisors who are not parties in interest or ERISA fiduciaries liable if they knowingly participate in a prohibited transaction and receive compensation from plan assets? The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals thinks so.In the case at issue, employers had established a trust within an ERISA-... READ MORE
Proposals to scale back or eliminate retirement savings incentives in 401(k) plans not only endanger the ability of low- and moderate-income workers to enjoy secure retirements but are based on faulty math, Forbes columnist Jeffrey Brown points out in a Dec. 12 column.Here’s why: When evaluating... READ MORE
Bringing about significant change is a three-step process. It begins with awareness, followed by willingness and capped by action. Though the recent plan- and participant-level fee disclosures might have started the industry on the process, clearly we have a long way to go. After interviewing... READ MORE
Should enrollment meetings be limited to 10 minutes or less? A paper authored by Diversified makes a strong case. New employees can be burnt out after days and maybe weeks of new employee orientation, so a 45 minute meeting reviewing plan features like loans, distribution and especially investments... READ MORE