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The firm’s second annual study finds that employees are making some positive changes to their retirement planning, but poor money management skills and long-term economic challenges present major obstacles. With looming increases in health care expenses, taxes, inflation and life expectancy... READ MORE
By Timothy D. Rice Our industry is notorious for churning out large reports for investment committee meetings that, for all intents and purposes, are thrown by the wayside an hour or two after the committee meeting. For our firm, the decision to “go green” in other aspects of our business was an... READ MORE
Are state-run MEPs a potential boon for plan advisors? Though there is concern about the government trying to nationalize small-business retirement plans, would state-run plans actually be an opportunity for advisors? Jamie Kalamarides, SVP at Prudential, suggests in an interview that there could... READ MORE
Now that plan sponsors realize that 401(k) plans will the primary vehicle that most of their employees will rely on to finance their retirement, a recent survey by Towers Watson outlines how behavior has changed — especially regarding plan design, communication, fees and retirement income. Though... READ MORE
Would having the ability to receive an email the moment one of your clients receives an accolade or award be helpful to you in solidifying relationships? What about some type of an automated way to scour the web everyday to research a specific topic such as MEPs or retirement income (and use this... READ MORE
It’s campaign season — do you know where your proposed regulation is?The pending regulation from the DOL that would expand the definition of investment advice and fiduciary status with respect to retirement plans has disappeared down a rabbit hole that magically appears in Washington every four... READ MORE
Are you the next winner of the 2013 401(k) Advisor Leadership Award?Nominations for the prestigious Leadership Award are due by Nov. 2. Click here! READ MORE
As you may have heard, there’s an election coming up in about a month. In a video shot just before the first presidential debate, NAPA’s Executive Director and Washington insider Brian Graff explains his take on the presidential campaign as it enters the stretch run, the likely political balance in... READ MORE
Contrarian Robert Arnott, Chairman of Research Affiliates, told CNBC viewers on Wednesday that investors will yield a 20% greater return by being more aggressive closer to retirement — bucking the conventional wisdom of most TDFs and glide paths. Being more aggressive when the amount of investable... READ MORE
Speaking at an industry conference years ago, Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger — who grew up in the 401(k) world — noted that there are three types of 401(k) providers: market leaders, market followers and rule breakers. Clearly casting Schwab as a rule breaker, Jim McCool, Schwab’s COO (and Bettinger’s... READ MORE