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About the Turning Stones Podcast Series:

ESG – environmental, social and governance – focused investing has proven to be one of the more controversial – and yet least understood – approaches to investment management, particularly as it relates to American retirement plans.    In this exclusive podcast series Nevin Adams, Chief Content Officer of the American Retirement Association will explore some of the key aspects with the help of  Sudhir Roc-Sennett – better known as “Suds” - Head of Thought Leadership & ESG Quality Growth Boutique Vontobel Asset Management.

If you like these episodes and would like to read more in-depth analysis of the issues tackled here -- as well as other important ESG issues within and beyond the investing sphere – we invite you to check out the full library of Vontobel’s Turning Stones Blog here.


Episode 01 - Turning Stones: A Thoughtful Approach to Understanding ESG (Now Available)

ESG is often thought of in the same framing as socially responsible investing, or SRI.  While there are some potential overlaps in focus, ESG is different - and arguably very different.  In this episode we'll explore some of those differences, and the difference they make in considering investments.  Beyond that, ESG funds/approach can differ widely as well - and we'll discuss what those differences are, and why they matter.

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Episode 02 - A Skeptic's ESG "Journey" (Now Available)

ESG is a broad, sweeping construct, and in its most comprehensive form touches on a wide variety of elements essential to corporate governance, sustainability, and returns.  But there are skeptics, if not to the efficacy of the focus, to its impact on portfolios.  While individuals come to this understanding in many different ways, and from many different perspectives, in this episode we explore one path to a realization of what this focus means in the real world of investing.

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Episode 03 - Demystifying Diversification (Now Available)

Investment management 101 tells us not to put all our eggs in one basket.  Why should our approach to management and board composition be any different?

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Episode 04 - A Moving "Target" (Now Available)

In sports its said that you can't tell the players without a scorecard - and when it comes to investing, you need a scorecard as well.  In this episode, we'll discuss the differences in approach, how that influences your choice of benchmarks, and how to best benchmark options in a dynamic market environment.

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