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3 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Value

A brand is the feeling and sensations that your clients, prospects and centers of influence experience when they work with you. It’s the feelings and sensations.

Every touchpoint from your website, handshake, voicemail, email signature, brochures, social media posts, blog articles, business cards and more either elevates or hurts the feelings and sensations of partnering with you. So, why not create a wow-worthy brand? This way, each and every interaction works to advance the conversation, build your trusted reputation and increase your retirement plan expert brand.

Here are three simple ways to increase your brand’s value:

1. Pay attention to your business card.

When you meet a person for the first time, what do you physically hand them? Most likely, it’s your business card.

Think of the last time you were handed a business card and it looked messy. Did you feel that the person was less of a professional? As that person continued speaking, were you less interested in listening? Maybe you even wanted to immediately exit the conversation. It’s the first impression test and they failed. That little card established your feelings and sensations of working with them – and you didn’t like it.

By contrast, if the card was sharp looking, nice cardstock and well-designed, it’s an immediate thumps-up. I bet you were willing to continue the conversation and learn more. They passed the first test, giving you the impression of the kind of experience it would be like working together.

2. Smile.

Yup, it’s that simple. Look at your LinkedIn profile; are you smiling? If not, take a new picture. The more friendly and approachable you look, the more people will want to do business with you.

3. Attend industry events.

This one is a tad more complicated. Attend at least one industry event. By taking the time to attend an event, you will learn what is happening in the industry and gain relevant information to share with your clients, prospects and centers of influence. It gives you foresight so you can better prepare and educate your clients. It takes a tiny bit of work; yet, the rewards will be tenfold. Your out-of-office message says you are learning more. You can also post on social media about the events, thereby telling clients that you keep up with new trends, learn from people with industry experience, and take that knowledge back with you to build your own reputation as an expert. You can add this to your client meeting minutes.

In short, events help you stay informed and be the expert so you can keep your clients more aware. It’s a win-win situation. Sure, there will be client calls and out-of-office email replies, but there will also be a focus on you and your brand.

These three semi-simple tips will enhance your brand impression as friendly and approachable, while you continue to garner valuable industry knowledge. Own the conversation by being aware of marketing trends, educating your plan sponsor community, and developing your company as the go-to retirement plan expert.

Thanks for reading and happy marketing!

Rebecca Hourihan, AIF, PPC, is the founder and CMO of 401(k) Marketing.