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Announcing the 2018 NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams

Today we are pleased to update and unveil our list of Top DC Advisor Teams – and multi-office firms.

The teams list, ranked by self-reported DC assets under advisement, actually contains fewer teams than did our inaugural list, though we maintained the AUA threshold of $100 million. However – and doubtless the strong markets have played a factor – the total AUA of the firms on this list is more than double last year’s tally: nearly $630 billion in DC assets under advisement.

More significantly, those teams include more than 1200 advisors – and many more support personnel – working to help Americans prepare for a financially satisfying retirement.

The list of top DC Advisor Teams is online at


This year we have also included the list of top DC Advisor Multi-Office Firms. Once again, we capped this list as those firms have more than $1 billion in assets under advisement. This year’s list was somewhat longer – but the totals were no less impressive; nearly $2 trillion in AUA, more than 187,000 plans supported, and more than 25 million participants are covered by these firms.

The list of top DC Multi-Office Firms is online at

Sure, we know it’s not just about the numbers – but the reality is that advisors are having a huge impact every single day, not only on the quality of retirement plan advice, but in building a more financially secure retirement for millions of Americans.

We appreciate the commitment and hard work of the teams acknowledged – and are proud to have the opportunity to share it here.

NAPA 401(k) Summit Recognition

We’ll also be acknowledging these firms at the NAPA 401(k) Summit in Las Vegas, April 7-9. If you haven’t yet registered, you’ll want to do so today – the hotel room block is filling up FAST.

You can register – and check out the agenda – at