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Announcing the 2020 NAPA Top Women Advisors!

Awards & Honors

Today, we are pleased to announce the 2020 list of NAPA Top Women Advisors.

We created the NAPA Top Women Advisors accolade in 2015 to acknowledge the contributions of a growing number of women who are making significant contributions to the retirement industry, as well as bringing excellence to the profession.

This year, as in years past, nominees—more than 550 of them—were asked to respond to a series of questions, both quantitative and qualitative, about their experience and practice, as well as their accomplishments, their contributions to the industry, the state of workplace retirement plans, and in what way(s) they “give back.” 

Those questionnaires were then reviewed on an anonymized basis by a panel of judges who, over the course of several weeks, selected the women we honor today in three separate categories:

  • Captains: All-stars who happen to be principals, owners or team captains of their organizations (click here to view the list)
  • All-Stars: Top producers who have their own practice (click here to view the list)
  • Rising Stars: Top producers who have less than five years of experience with retirement plans as a financial advisor (some have been working with retirement plans longer, but not as a financial advisor) (click here to view the list)

Our thanks again to the judges panel for generously volunteering their time and expertise, to the NAPA Firm Partners who nominated these outstanding individuals, and our heartiest congratulations to those recognized on this year’s list for the excellence they bring to our industry, and for their continued contributions to our nation’s retirement security.


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Tammy Head
2 years 6 months ago
Where do you see the list?
Nevin Adams
2 years 6 months ago
You click on the Category headings - but since we got this question from several folks, we have clarified that in the post. Hopefully everyone has found it by now!