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Announcing the Inaugural NAPA Advisors’ Choice Awards—Small Market

Awards & Honors

Advisors work with a variety of recordkeepers across different market segments, and in support of plans of all sizes and complexities—and advisors have identified the very best in the nation.

Late last year we launched our call to advisors to rate the nation’s best recordkeepers in a dozen different service categories, and in five distinct market segments. Advisors are, of course, extraordinarily well positioned to compare and evaluate the strengths (and weaknesses) of this critical service—as you see and experience first-hand the features, flexibility, and support that these organizations provide across a wide variety of circumstances. We asked advisors to vote only on the services in their target markets—and to evaluate the services on a 5-point scale, ranging from “world class” to “functional” to “needs work.” 

Yesterday we announced the top five firms that retirement plan-focused advisors ranked the best in thirteen different service categories serving the Micro plan market. Today we acknowledge the top five in those categories serving the small plan market—plans with between $1 million and $10 million in plan assets.

You’ll find these standouts (listed alphabetically) at