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Applications Now Open for 2018 NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams!

Since their inception, NAPA’s various industry lists have been a valuable Who’s Who of who matters in the world of retirement plans and retirement plan advisors. Today we launch the second annual list of NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams – and Multi-Office Firms.

The NAPA Top DC Advisor Team list highlights the nation’s leading retirement plan advisor firms. Sure, we know it’s not just about the numbers – but the reality is that NAPA members are having a huge impact every single day, not just on the quality of retirement plan advice, but also in building a more financially secure retirement for millions of Americans.

Unlike other lists, this focuses on firms, or what may, in a wirehouse environment, be referred to as a team, or office, and as noted above, on the defined contribution (DC) practice specifically. While we used the terms interchangeably during the initial online promotion, we have decided to officially embrace “teams” as the list name, since it captures the essence of a group of individuals pulling together toward a common goal.

Note: There is no charge to be included in the NAPA Top DC Advisor Firm listing.

In order to be considered for inclusion in this list, you’ll need to complete our application form no later than November 9. The application form for individual teams is at

The application form for the multi-office firms is at

If you have any questions regarding those applications, or are unable to access them, please email me at