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Breaking News: NAPA Launches Exclusive NQPA Credential for Advisors

Professional Development

As employers look for creative ways to recruit and retain executive talent in the wake of the Great Resignation, they are increasingly looking to so-called nonqualified plan designs—and the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) has launched a new certificate program designed to help advisors educate and evaluate those alternatives.

The Nonqualified Plan Advisor (NQPA™) Credential—developed by some of the nation’s leading advisors and retirement plan experts—demonstrates an advisor’s knowledge, expertise, and commitment to working with nonqualified deferred-compensation and executive-compensation plans. Advisors who earn their NQPA™ credential demonstrate the expertise to advise employers on nonqualified plan design and plan financing.

NAPA provides study materials to help individuals prepare for the NQPA™ certification exam. It includes a Plan Fundamentals online course that includes nonqualified plan tax considerations and plan financing, as well as plan marketing and implementation. The Advanced Plan Design module deals with employer incentive and equity plans, life insurance and informal funding of nonqualified plans, nonprofits and rabbi trusts, as well as practical case studies. Each part is comprised of five interactive modules, followed by a 50-question assessment.

“Attracting and retaining the unique talent sets of the C-Suite require programs that go beyond profit-sharing and 401(k) programs," noted Jeff Acheson, Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, Advanced Strategies Group, and one of the authors of the NQPA program. “Nonqualified plans provide the flexibility in design and funding to fit the shifting needs of every organization. We are pleased to be able to expand an informed awareness and reach of these vital benefit programs through the National Association of Plan Advisors.” 

While there is a modest cost for the exam, the program itself is available at no cost to NAPA advisor members thanks to the generous support of our education program sponsors: NFP, Broadridge, Equitable, Fulcrum Partners, MassMutual, Newport, New York Life, the Pangburn Group, Principal, and Protective.

Additional information is available at the NAPA NQPA™ Credential website.