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Call for 2019 NAPA Top DC Wholesaler Nominations

Awards and Honors

Requests for nominations for the 2019 NAPA Top DC Wholesalers (a.k.a. our “Wingmen”) are out!

NAPA Recordkeeper and DCIO Firm Partners should have received requests for nominations for our sixth annual list of NAPA Top 100 Defined Contribution (DC) Wholesalers. We call them “Wingmen” because if they are doing their job, they have advisors’ backs.

If you’re a NAPA RK/DCIO Firm Partner, and you didn’t get the nomination form, please email Nevin Adams at

If you’d like to nominate a wholesaler from your firm – and you’re not (yet) a NAPA Firm Partner, contact Jake Linney at for information on how to join.

PLEASE NOTE: Only designated contacts at NAPA RK and DCIO Firm Partners can nominate wholesalers for this recognition.  

Voting for the Wingmen should be open in about a month.

The 2018 Top DC Wholesaler list (and the lists for the previous years) are available at