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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Support Top Women Advisors!

Awards & Honors

This is the final week for you to show your support for several hundred of the nation’s top advisors!

Yes, they happen to be women—but that’s not the point. We created the NAPA Top Women Advisors accolade in 2015 to acknowledge the contributions of a growing number of women who are making significant contributions to the retirement industry, as well as bringing excellence to the profession.

From the very beginning it was clear that this was a recognition with a real impact, both for the individuals recognized, and for the firms that support them. While the determination of the final list of top women advisors is made solely by the determination of a panel of expert judges, based on applications submitted by the nominees, you can still support these great candidates.

The form to do so is at

And you can show your support through this Friday, Sept. 16!

P.S., remember also that individuals who are nominated must complete an information form to be considered for the final list. (If you’re on the list of nominees, and haven’t received/responded to the application request, please email me ASAP at [email protected].)