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FOMO is Real!

Ever ask yourself what your personal and professional life would have looked like if you had missed certain seminal introductions, relationships, exposures or meetings?

In every life there are key moments – critical decisions, turning points, pivotal moments that can completely transform – for good or ill – your life’s direction.

For many FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is real and rooted in retrospective perspective. For me, two come to top of mind. The first was having the good fortune of having met and been schooled by Marcy Supovitz and other of her industry colleagues (Steff Chalk comes to mind) at the annual Purdue Pension Conference in the early ’80s. At that time I was an enthusiastic early adopter of a new loophole in the tax code called the 401(k) plan. But, I was starving for technical expertise and practical applications I could use in my practice. That conference was a beacon of light in what was no more than a misty world for me at that point in my career.

That conference ultimately ran its course but not the relationship with Marcy, who led me to the ASPPA Annual Conference – and ultimately another seminal moment, the inaugural 401(k) Summit in 2000 in Orlando.

The bottom line: NAPA and the 401(k) Summit over the years changed and enhanced my life – and my professional career – by the access to content, thought leadership and most importantly introductions to countless people I now consider not just colleagues and professional resources but dear friends.

Don’t let your “fear” become a reality.

Take care – and see you at the Summit!

Jeff Acheson, CPWA®, CFP®, CPFA, AIF®, is NAPA’s President-Elect.

The NAPA 401(k) Summit
April 15-17, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee

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