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Four Resources on Selling You May Have Missed

Here are four of my favorite new resources for plan advisors on selling:

How to Crack the 401k Plan Market
Although the sales cycle for selling a 401k plan can be quite long, averaging anywhere from three to 12 months, there are many ways for advisors to improve their odds of selling 401k plans. This article covers three avenues for advisors to improve their close rate.

Selling 401k Plans
This is a pretty good video from Derek Wilson at on the 10 keys to selling 401k plans and growing your 401k plan business.

Strategies for Selling 401k Plans in a Down Market
Plan sponsors have greater fiduciary responsibility in a down market to act in the best interests of their participants and to make prudent decisions for the plan. This article provides some strategies to overcome objections by plan sponsors during such times.

401k Sales Champion
This book was written by successful 401k financial advisors for financial advisors who want to build or expand their 401k business. The revised and updated resource provides a strategic discussion of how financial advisors can achieve success in 401k sales.