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How About a Roth Option for Employer Contributions?

DC Plan Design

One of the revenue-raising provisions currently in the EARN (Enhancing American Retirement Now) Act is a provision that would permit an employee to elect to treat employer matching and other employer contributions as after-tax Roth contributions. This week we’d like to know: Do you think it will catch on?  

Now, being in that legislation now—and making it into the final (not to mention the inevitable reconciliation with the version passed by the U.S. House of Representatives)—isn’t a sure bet. But it is projected to raise some $12 billion in revenue for the government (people opting to pay taxes now with the embrace of a Roth alternative)—and so…well, you just never know.

That said, and with concerns about inflation and future tax rates high, this week we’d like to know if you think: (a) plans will offer this; and (b) if participants will take advantage.

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