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(How) Are You Managing Managed Accounts?

Investment Management

One of the more eye-opening findings of the 2022 NAPA 401(k) Summit Insider had to do with managed accounts. 

Yes, over the past couple of years managed accounts (re)emerged on the scene with some enthusiasm, at least in the advisor community. These options purport to provide a more customized solution that your traditional target-date fund, and one that also—at least potentially—brings to the fore the insights and perspective of the plan advisor.

But a surprisingly strong plurality of the respondents to the 2022 NAPA 401(k) Summit Insider viewed them as—a negative game changer. 

That said, all managed accounts are (literally) not created equal—and some, arguably, amount to little more than expensive target-date funds—a point that has been made in several litigation filings of late—and perhaps that accounts for the surprisingly negative read on this option in the Summit Insider. Or not.

This week, we’d like to know your take on managed accounts. Do you use them, like them, love them, or has the bloom on that particular “rose” faded?

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