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MEPs, Myths, Motivations & More

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Would you like to know more about behavioral finance, tips and tools to boost your efficiency, how to “debunk” the fiduciary myth, MEPs, fintech? We’ve got you covered… 

We’ve already talked about the challenges of being in more than one place at the same time and being stuck between a rock and a hard place… We’ve talked about all the CE credits you can rack up and the credential you can earn, the need to address “err” rational behavior, and we’ve told you what you can look forward to “After Dark.” 

Our NAPA 401(k) Workshop series gets off to a strong start on Day 2 with:

Nudge “Budge”: The Digital Fiduciary: Overseeing Retirement Plans in the Digital Age

In the digital age, retirement security often depends more on fast decisions made on digital devices (and the designs that influence them) than on investment performance. Given the power of digital design, there are several actionable steps for plan sponsors and advisors to consider. With insights from Bill Harmon, President, Corporate Markets at Voya Financial; and Shlomo Benartzi, Professor and Co-chair of the Behavioral Decision-Making Group at UCLA Anderson School of Management and Senior Academic Advisor for the Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation.

Tools Time: Tips and Tools That Can Help You Be More Effective and Efficient

Three 15-minute presentations on three separate topics, all designed to help you be more effective and efficient within your practices, including: using a DISC personality evaluation tool to help you better understand how to present in a way that resonates with the various personalities that make up a retirement plan committee; email automation and pre-scheduling social media posts; and how to craft and communicate a service summary that demonstrates an advisors value, accomplishments, and client successes – a valuable retention tool to more fully demonstrate everything you do behind the scenes for your client. With insights from Austin Gwilliam, Principal at GRP Financial; Christopher Donnager, AIF, Director at MFS Investment Management; Jenine Garrelick, CIMA®, Senior Managing Director at MFS Fund Distributors, Inc.; Shelby C. George, JD, CEBS, President of Wall to Main Consulting; and Rebecca Hourihan, Principal at 401(k) Marketing.

Myth “Takes”: Debunking the Fiduciary Myth – Why Cheapest Doesn’t Mean Less Liability and Other Misperceptions  

With the pace of DC lawsuits increasing, it is understandable that this is an area of concern for plan sponsors and fiduciaries. Minimizing fiduciary risk in a DC plan starts with an establishing a governance structure and procedures for the plan, not with choosing the cheapest option. Learn what courts have said as they struck down many of the common claims that class action lawyers have made in lawsuits against DC plan fiduciaries and how advisors can use this information to help protect their plan sponsor clients and build stronger plans.  With insights from Daniel Notto, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Jamie Fleckner, Partner at Goodwin Procter, LLP; and Lisa Lattan, Member, Utz & Lattan, LLC.

“Multi” Faceted: Building a Diverse Multi-Generational Practice While Helping the Next Generation THRIVE     

Featuring the perspectives of a diverse group of advisors (both experienced and “up-and-comers”), we’ll cover what it means to being open to different perspectives and why that matters; the ways a team can recognize leadership and creativity with younger advisors; how you can set up new “joiners” for success; how to tailor your team to reflect your evolving client base; how leveraging technology and efficiency plays across generations; and how you can diversify your business for better performance and ROI. With the insights of Janine Moore, AIF®, CPFA, CFS, Peak Financial Group, LLC.; Mike Curry, Retirement Plan Consultant/Financial Advisor at UBS; Erin Hall, Associate Vice President, Investment Officer at Bermudez/Hall Retirement Group of Wells Fargo Advisors; and Steve Dimitriou, Managing Partner at Mayflower Advisors, LLC.

“Multiple” Choices: The Real World of MEPs and PEPs   

MEPs and PEPs are in the news, and everyone has their eye on the regulatory and legislative front. But regardless of what happens in Washington, how can advisors actually use these tools in the real world? The focus of this session is on the benefits, challenges and practical applications of multiple employer plans, including Association Retirement Plans and the still hypothetical Pooled Employer Plan. Check it out with Jeff Gratton, Managing Director and CMO at SageView Advisory Group; Geoffrey Schock, Principal–Business Development at Trutina Financial; and Pete Swisher, SVP, National Sales Director at Pentegra.

Fintech “Specs”: Fintech for Retirement Plans

Fintech is a new industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. These new technologies and innovations aim to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. The use of smartphones allows for a broader reach via technology. Robo investing services and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies that aim to make financial services more accessible to the general public. Come discuss how the future landscape may change for your practice and your clients. Hear from one startup on how disruption can start from a startup, how enterprises are looking for this disruption with dedicated teams of people who look at the startup market, and how to enhance the advisor experience. Learn how cryptocurrency might play out in the future for recordkeepers and banking. Featuring the perspectives of Troy Hammond, Founder, CEO and President of Pensionmark; Eugeny Prudchyenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Evoshare and a Forbes contributor on fintech; Lisa Kottler, retirement plan industry executive and expert (and fintech evangelist); and Dan Sachar, Vice President of Enterprise Innovations at Ladenbur.

And we’re not even halfway done…

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