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Morningstar Upgraded Rating of 1 Fund, Downgraded 11 in February

Last month, Morningstar analysts upgraded the rating of one U.S. mutual fund and downgraded 11 funds. In ratings changes affecting target date series, four were upgraded and three were downgraded.

Fund Ratings

The upgraded fund is the MFS Massachusetts Investors Tr A fund, from Bronze to Silver.

The downgraded funds are:

  • AllianzGI Technology Institutional (Silver to Bronze)

  • DFA One-Year Fixed-Income I (Silver to Bronze)

  • Fidelity® High Income (Gold to Silver)

  • Franklin Strategic Income A (Bronze to Neutral)

  • PIMCO Emerging Local Bond Instl (Bronze to Neutral)

  • PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond A (Bronze to Neutral)

  • PIMCO Municipal Bond Instl (Bronze to Neutral)

  • T. Rowe Price Instl Large Cap Growth (Silver to Neutral)

  • T. Rowe Price New America Growth (Bronze to Neutral)

  • Vanguard Capital Value Inv (Bronze to Neutral)

  • Wells Fargo Common Stock A (Bronze to Neutral)

There are two funds with new ratings:

  • Alger Capital Appreciation B (Bronze)

  • Alger Capital Appreciation Ptfl I-2 (Bronze)

Also, two funds are under review:

  • MFS Instl International Equity (Silver)

  • USAA International (Bronze)

Target-date Series Ratings

Four target-date series were upgraded:

  • BlackRock LifePath® Index (Silver to Gold)

  • Fidelity Advisor Freedom® (Neutral to Bronze)

  • Fidelity Freedom® (Neutral to Bronze)

  • Russell LifePoints (Negative to Neutral)

Three target-date series were downgraded:

  • Fidelity Freedom® Index (Silver to Bronze)

  • MFS Lifetime (Silver to Bronze)

  • T. Rowe Price Retirement (Gold to Silver)

There are two target-date series with new ratings:

  • JHancock Retirement Choices (Neutral)

  • TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Institutional (Bronze)

Ratings Affirmed

Morningstar also affirmed the ratings of 57 U.S. funds and three target-date series in February. That list is available here.