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NAPA 401(k) Summit Topic Voting – Week #1

Sure, it’s a holiday week, but the votes – and some new topic suggestions – have been pouring in.

When we say that the NAPA 401(k) Summit is built by advisors, for advisors, we mean it. We’ve already got the location (Caesars, Las Vegas), the dates (April 7-9, 2019) and we’ve been working through a list of exciting keynote speakers.

Even in a holiday-shortened week, nearly 1500 votes have (already) come in. Thus far – and it’s early days yet – the top 10 vote getters are:

  • What the IRS and DOL continue to target with your clients' plans

  • Disruptive forces in the retirement space

  • How to develop/determine a reasonable fee for your services

  • Healthy and wealthy – the whys behind the convergence of healthcare & retirement

  • What advisors are getting sued about

  • Serving the small plan space (more) effectively

  • Marketing & growing your business

  • 401(k) plan audits – what you (still) need to know

  • 5 Tools that can have an impact on your practice

  • What plan sponsors really think

So, now it’s your turn to weigh in on the agenda with your vote – and your suggestions for topics. And if you’ve already voted – well, check it out. New topics are added all the time!

Our unique online voting tool will bring up two different session topics. All you have to do is pick your favorite – or add your own idea for others to vote on. Then you’ll get two more choices – vote or add one of your own. If you don’t like either of the suggestions (though that’s not likely) – there’s even an option for that. Every time you suggest an idea, it’s added to the pool of ideas that others vote on.

You can vote as often has you’d like – and we’ll keep you posted as to which topic(s) are leading, as we near the opening of registration for the 2019 NAPA 401(k) Summit.

Vote at

But beware: This can be addictive.