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Nevin & Fred: A Changing Recordkeeper Checklist

Fiduciary Rules and Practices

Whether for good or ill — a change in recordkeepers is one of those “choices” that plan fiduciaries are expected under ERISA to evaluate as a prudent expert. In this episode, Nevin (Adams) & Fred (Reish) cover some key factors.

Let’s face it — change — even change for the better — is frequently disruptive to the human psyche. Most of us tend to drift into comfortable “ruts” of pattern, or perhaps habit — places where we know what to expect and, roughly anyway, when to expect it. And, at least in my experience, the more frazzled your existence, the more one pines for these oases of quiet and relative clarity.



Let’s face it — there are few things more disruptive to the peace or clarity of a 401(k) plan than a switch in recordkeepers. 

Check out the latest episode below.



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