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New Book by Josh Itzoe Offers Roadmap to Create Optimal Retirement Plan

In his latest book, author Josh Itzoe, co-founder, partner and chief strategy officer at Greenspring Advisors, provides a comprehensive fiduciary guide for retirement plan decisionmakers and teaches readers how to build a successful retirement plan for employees.

The Fiduciary Formula: 6 Essential Elements to Create the Perfect Corporate Retirement Plan covers everything from plan design, fees and investments to participant support and provider management. Using extensive research, case studies and 15+ years of real-world experience, the book provides a roadmap to help corporate leaders understand their fiduciary responsibilities and navigate the complexities of ERISA. 

Readers will learn how to:  

  • create the internal structure to manage oversight and minimize risk;
  • design a plan for success;
  • avoid liability for the fees and cost their plan pays;
  • select and monitor their plan’s investments for legal compliance;
  • embrace plan services to improve results for their employees; and
  • work with their plan’s providers to achieve the best results.

Itzoe is also the author of Fixing the 401(k): What Fiduciaries Must Know (And Do) to Help Employees Retire Successfully.

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