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Is Now a Good Time to Start Digital Marketing?

Sales & Marketing

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. Let’s trade social distancing for social media. Flatten the curve of employee education meetings to on-demand financial training. Use professional introductions to a Google search. Now is the time to strengthen your online reputation, digital presence and own your virtual backyard.

The first step in setting up a digital marketing campaign is having a prospect list. After you have identified the people and companies you want to target, it’s time to get their attention digitally.

Connect with the Decisionmakers on Social Media 

Then wait. Don’t send them a spam note immediately. Converting a cold prospect to a warm lead takes time; they need to perceive value in your professional retirement plan advisory offering.

Post Quality Content 

Each day brings new news and sweeping changes. Post about them. Share your mastery of the 401(k) industry on social media. Become that professional on their newsfeed that consistently educates, informs and entertains them with what they need to know. As a plan sponsor, they have a fiduciary responsibility and wear many hats. Teach them that you are an expert and can lighten the weight on their shoulders.

Examples of digital content marketing could include: 

  • Social media reposts
  • Blog articles
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Checklists
  • Best practice guides
  • Webinar presentations
  • Motivational quotes

Go Live

With the stock market resembling an inflatable dancing sales balloon at a car dealership, employees need financial education more than ever. Prevent them from making dangerous financial decisions. Help them understand volatility. Listen to their concerns. Be the hero they need to calm investor fears. Host a live employee education meeting. Prepare a slide deck and then give a live presentation.

Read more commentary by Rebecca Hourihan here.

Spruce up Your Website

In 2018, it was estimated that 86% of prospects would visit your website before accepting a meeting. Now with everyone WFH, that number is probably closer to 99.99%. Take a moment and review your website. If you need help, ask your wholesaler partners, home office, and trusted colleagues to give you some feedback. With no one walking through anyone’s office door, this is a great time to review your digital storefront.

Google Yourself

Seriously, do it. What comes up? Is it your website, social media profile, biography? What is posted about you on the internet? Now, switch over to Images. What’s there? Click on YouTube. Go down the digital rabbit hole. Find everything the internet says about you. Then apply a content marketing strategy to enhance your digital reputation and search engine results.

Another quick tip: update your LinkedIn profile picture. So when prospects want to see you, they see an amazingly professional picture. Even though we can’t connect physically, we can still be present visually.

Use these tips to start your content marketing campaign to grow your business. We are now in a time of darkness, but it is always darkest before the dawn. The sun will shine again.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

NOTE: If you have been skeptical and wondering if social media will catch on, take a moment and ask yourself how you get the news, connect with friends, and where you research fellow professionals. Chances are it’s social media and now is an opportunity to strengthen your digital profile. See these helpful articlesget started. 

Rebecca Hourihan, AIF, PPC, is the founder and CMO of 401(k) Marketing, which she founded to assist qualified experts operate a professional business with professional marketing materials and ongoing awareness campaigns.