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Plan Sponsor Perspectives — and ‘Participant’ Outcomes?

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We’ve got a couple of things to weigh in on this week — your thoughts on an upcoming plan sponsor panel at Summit — and your preferences regarding participant outcomes — in March Madness!

That’s right — we’re reprising one of the most popular general sessions at the 2023 NAPA 401(k) Summit — our plan sponsor confidential panel, where we’ll tap into the experience and expectations of a panel of five different plan sponsors on a wide variety of topics — so what would YOU like us to ask?

Secondly, when we talk about March Madness outcomes — well, we mean the yearly college basketball tournament held by the NCAA that runs from mid-March to early April (it will actually wrap up DURING Summit this year).

It’s been going on since 1939, though the field has expanded over the years (it began with just eight teams playing against one another when Oregon beat Ohio State to take home the first tournament title). This year it starts with “First Four” games in Dayton, Ohio on March 14-15, and continues through to the 2023 Final Four in Houston on April 1 and April 3.

There are 67 games in the tournament, but most bracket contests allow participants to skip the four play-in games. But then, treating each of the 63 remaining games as 50-50 coin flips, the probability of predicting a perfect bracket is about one in… 9.2 quintillion.

Let’s see how you do… it’s online at

And we’ll have it all sorted out for you shortly.