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The Polls Are Open! Voting Opens for the 2022 Top DC Wholesalers

Awards & Honors

Nobody knows better than plan advisors how important their local DC wholesaler can be in growing, building and managing their practice. Here’s your chance to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Now, we have long referred to the Top DC Wholesalers as “Wingmen” because if they are doing their job, they have your back—but these days the best of them are true partners, often working side-by-side with advisors—and so, we’ve retitled them (and this recognition) as Advisor Allies.

We are restricting voting to advisors—we’ll ask for some information as confirmation (it’s just for our purposes, so please be honest). Please use your company/work email address; votes from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail addresses will not be counted. Multiple votes are disregarded.

Once that information is provided, you can scroll down where you’ll see three options: search by name, company or region/territory against a list of wholesalers submitted by NAPA record keeping and DCIO Firm Partners. NOTE: Only NAPA Firm Partners can nominate candidates for this list!

You can vote at

Vote for as many as you want—but voting will CLOSE ON May 13.

Problems, questions, etc. can be directed to me at [email protected].

Wholesalers—and fans of wholesalers—it’s perfectly fine to campaign for votes. After all, that’s how democracy works, right?

p.s. If you want to review past lists of top NAPA DC Wholesalers—they’re all online at