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Questions About 401(k) Litigation?

At this week’s NAPA DC Fly-In Forum, we’ve got a very special panel of litigators – and this week, a special chance for you to ask them questions, even if you aren’t able to join us.

Morningstar has estimated that the expenses from class action lawsuits stemming from the Best Interest Contract Exemption could range from approximately $70 million to $150 million annually, “adding an increase in compliance costs of about 5%-10% using the department’s estimates,” while noting that they “could be quite a bit higher in the near term as firms adjust to the rule and set up systems to determine, demonstrate, and document best interest recommendations.”

That, and other questions regarding litigation and 401(k) plans will be addressed by a special panel of ERISA litigators will be examining those issues, and the current trends in 401(k) plan litigation, at the fifth annual NAPA DC Fly-in Forum on July 18:

  • Thomas E. Clark, Jr. of the Wagner Law Group (who was with the law firm of Schlichter, Bogard & Denton from July 2008-March 2013);

  • Nancy G. Ross, a partner in Mayer Brown’s Chicago office and Co-Chair of the ERISA Litigation practice, who has represented a number of the defendants in the excessive fee litigation cases; and

  • David N. Levine of Groom Law Group, who will moderate what will surely be an interesting, insightful and engaging panel.

Even if you’re not a delegate this year – or are just unable to participate – you can pose your question (anonymously, of course) here.

And we’ll share their responses with you on Friday!