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Reader Poll: And the Leading Topics for the 2020 NAPA 401(k) Summit Are…

Conferences and Events

With a week’s worth of voting and 1,300 votes, some interesting trends are (already) emerging…

There are currently more than 100 topics in the database – and roughly a quarter have been added as suggestions by readers since the poll opened on Monday.

At the end of Week #1, the top trending topics are:

Will technology make target date funds obsolete?         

Build or Buy? Managed account vs. TDF               

Lifetime income – the option everyone wants and (almost) nobody “gets”         

The compliance issues that advisors get blamed for.      

Target-date funds  the good, the bad, the ugly

Plan health metrics, retirement readiness analytics, and benchmarking that help advisors shape plan design and improve their value prop            

Disruptive forces in the retirement space            

Demographic dynamics  how your practice needs to change     

Active versus passive  who cares?         

Ineffective and Effective Wellness Strategies  Why It Matters

Like those? Want to see something else? Wonder why YOUR choice didn’t make the cut? There’s still time to have an impact.

As is our custom, we’ve loaded a starter set of topics – ideas from our steering committee, as well as topics that have been heavy and consistent traffic draws on NAPA Net. Our unique online voting tool will bring up two different session topics. You pick the one of the two that you like best – and then you get to pick between another two – and so on.

Don’t like either one? Say so. Got another idea? Add it. Every time you suggest an idea, it’s added to the pool of ideas that others vote on (but note – it won’t show up immediately, and if you add it more than once – well, it won’t be added but a single time).

But beware: This can be addictive.


In the meantime, you can sign up for NAPA 401(k) Summit updates or save the date(s) at