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READER POLL: The Dumbest Question(s)

Each week, we give NAPA Net Reader Poll respondents an opportunity to suggest a reader poll question – this week, we offer a compilation of their suggestions – and a special feature – the dumbest question our readers have ever been asked.

We got so many great responses to this week’s NAPA Net Reader Poll – we’re going to leave it open for those who haven’t yet weighed in – and you can do so at

Now, as for those dumb questions:

About an investment change, failing every screen for over a year, reports and explanation to make the change provided multiple times, investment paperwork pre-filled. HR Person: The president wants to know what makes you so sure this other investment is better before he'll sign off on the change. What do I tell him? Me: Um...does he know what it is he pays me to do?

Can we add loans to the plan so I can pay off my $50,000 of credit card debt I accumulated by buying spa treatments for my dog?

And who are you?

"Why don't we have target date funds?" (of course, the plan in question had target-date funds for many years...)

Think we should add weed stocks?

Pension law is complex and confusing to non-pension practitioners, so I usually say "there's no such thing as a dumb question." But a client once asked me if he could use plan assets (ALL of them) to buy his mother a new house. "She really needs it, wouldn't that be a hardship investment?"

So the 401(k) is what the employee contributes?

I try not to remember!

To do a full financial plan for a company owner during the remaining 20 minutes of the meeting.

What is a 401(k) plan?

'What do you mean, personally liable'....from an experienced, long-tenured committee member...

What are your IRA's paying?

“Why is there a dash in front of the earnings number?” Head of the investment committee.

What is the market getting ready to do?

Why do we need to do all this work??

Then there was the (lucky) reader who noted, “I have only smart clients. Never really had to field a stupid question. Lucky me :)”

However, as one reader explained, “Actually, in some cases, it's the deafening silence when there should be questions that is most concerning.”

Don’t forget – if you haven’t weighed in yet, there’s still time to weigh in our random assortment of personal (and professional insights).  Come check it out!

Oh – and thanks to everyone who has already participated in this week’s NAPA Net Reader Poll!