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READER POLL: Who Are You For – or Against – in Super Bowl 53?

You might well expect that the Super Bowl draws a lot of enthusiastic fan support – but this year among NAPA Net readers, there was also a fair number enthusiastically rooting for…“anybody but”…

Indeed, the top response was “anybody but the Patriots,” cited by nearly 31%, though that wasn’t far ahead of the 29% who were “pulling for the Patriots.”

And when you add in the 19% who were actually “rooting for the Rams,” and the 5% who were rooting for “whoever stole it from the Saints” (that would be the Rams) – well, you can do the math.

For what it’s worth, about 1 in 10 are cheering for the commercials, about half that number “couldn’t care less” – and the rest – and there weren’t many – are rooting for anybody but the Rams.

“I checked ‘I couldn’t care less,’ noted one reader who went on to explain: “I do care because I follow the NFL closely, but I have no dog in this race, so I am fine with whatever outcome. I would like the game to be entertaining.”

Another reader responded: “BOYCOTT... The Saints should be there. Anything else is a lie.”

One reader is (also) rooting for “…the halftime show – because my nephew is performing!”

“I want the Rams to win because we eliminated my Cowboys in the playoffs,” explained another.

‘Watch’ Words

As for how readers will be watching the Super Bowl:

52% - with family
24% - at home with friends
10% - out with friends
5% - by myself
3% - looking over the screen of my computer while I work

The rest won’t be watching.

‘Super’ Holiday?

More than half of HR professionals surveyed (54%) know someone who's called in sick or made an excuse for skipping work following a big game – and that’s up from 41% three years ago. So, we asked readers if they thought the day after the Super Bowl should be a holiday.

Nearly half (47%) said “No!”, though another 17% said, “it might as well be,” and 14% responded, “are you kidding?” Of course, 14% said “Yes!!!” and the rest said it depends on who is playing.

A common comment was that the date should be shifted to Saturday. “They should simply play it on Saturday night. People will stay up later and longer to watch it… they have Sunday off,” noted one.

“Though I would love another holiday, I don’t ‘need’ it because of Super Bowl ‘hangover,’” commented another. “In fact, as a TPA I would feel like I have to work it anyway to stay on track for March 15, same as I do for MLK Day. (My ‘service’ that day is to my clients.)”

Memorable Moments

We also asked readers to share their most memorable Super Bowl moment – here’s a sampling:

  • “John Elway's helicopter play against Green Bay, Denver strip-sacking Cam Newton twice, John Madden saying Tom Brady should play for overtime in his first Super Bowl, Denver getting mauled by Seattle. There are just so many.”

  • “Giants beating the Patriots.”

  • “1985 Bears and Refrigerator Perry touchdown.”

  • “Patriots Malcolm Butler interception in the end zone.”

  • “Kevin Dyson stretching for the TD the last time the Super Bowl was in Atlanta. Still breaks my heart as a Titans fan. Makes it hard to root for the Rams this time, but they are, to me, the lesser of two evils.”

  • “Vinatieri’s kick to defeat the greatest show on turf.”

  • “Winning the pool when I alone bet against the Patriots, and even met the spread!”

  • “Prince halftime show.”

  • “Patriots/Brady beating Falcons after being down 28-3.”

  • “The Philly Special.”

  • “Cam Newton crying after Super Bowl 50 beat down by Von Miller and Broncos.”

  • “New England's 25-point comeback over Atlanta in Super Bowl 51.”

  • “Patriots vs. Falcons 2017.”

  • “Patriots coming back from a 28-3 deficit midway through the third quarter to win the Super Bowl.”

  • “The Joe Greene commercial where he tosses his jersey to the kid.”

  • “An exciting game is always the best outcome but barring that the commercials are always fun to watch. Halftime, as much as it wants to be a big deal, is always a disappointment.”

  • “Wardrobe malfunction? Though I didn't see it live.”

  • “The excitement of the Big Game!!!”

  • “Memorable and yet very disappointing, the Buffalo Bills making it to 4 Super Bowls and not coming away with a win, especially Scott ‘Nor-Wide right’ against the NY Giants.”

  • “Watching the Giants recover in the last minutes of the game to take the title. I thought it was over and was ready to go to bed and even changed the channel. Then when I flipped back to see just how bad they were going to lose, to my surprise they not only recovered but won the game.”

  • “Time spent with family and the food.”

  • “E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!”

  • “Pats’ incredible comeback versus ATL.”


Reader Comments


And, of course, there were a number of reader comments – here’s a sampling:

  • I hate the Patriots.

  • GO PATS!!!!

  • Need new recruiting/draft rules to ensure best teams rotate more frequently! I’m as tired of watching the Patriots play in the Super Bowl as I am of watching Alabama play in the College Football National Championship!

  • As a resident of Atlanta who is not attending the game, my current plan is not to leave my house between Friday morning and Monday evening, other than to attend church and a friend’s birthday party. The traffic in this city is crazy enough without all the extra people. We have enough supplies to last us, as if this were a zombie apocalypse (a minor one, anyway).

  • The end of the Super Bowl means Spring Training is just around the corner, and daily box scores will follow shortly thereafter. Baseball is the sport for pension geeks!

  • Brady 9 super bowls in 17 years in league. Brady 13 AFC Championships games in 17 years. Can substitute Belichik in there as well. Whether a hater or lover (like me)… unreal records.

  • Go Pats!

  • Once my NY Giants were eliminated (I believe it was around Labor Day), my interest waned.

  • I get why the nation is tired of the Patriots. That much success, over and over wears people out. As a nation we embody the spirit of the underdog and thus always gravitate to the little guy. Having said that... Go PATS!!!

  • I picked up Mahomes early in the fantasy football season (though not on draft day itself), and he helped my team to a victory this year. So I was rooting for him and the Chiefs. But since they’re not in, I’m back to “anyone but the Patriots.” Of course I always want it to be the Lions, but since I'm the same age as any Super Bowl, perhaps not in my lifetime... Looking forward to snacks, the puppy and kitten bowls, some of the actual game, and a few commercials. But mostly I have to go to bed early so I can get up at 5 am for the gym on Monday. (I’ll have to work off the nachos and jalapeno poppers.) My favorite commercial, though it’s not a real one, is still, and will always be, Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. “You kill the joe, you make some mo!” “Hey, Janice.” “The pain train’s a-comin!”

  • Pitchers and catchers report February 12th. Need I say more?

  • Saints were robbed! They should be playing in the Super Bowl.

  • Disappointed to see it become so politicized. Whether to perform or not at the halftime show has become a political statement this year. Has our country become so sensitive and polarizing that we can't just enjoy entertainment for entertainment’s sake?

  • The dynasty is over!

  • Patriots are a franchise others should aspire to be like!

  • Anyone know of a good kicker for the Bears????


Thanks to everyone who participated in our NAPA Net Reader Poll!