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A Retirement Demo for the Record Books

A retirement savings demonstration has found its way into the record books — the Guinness Book of World Records, in fact. Prudential Financial turned up at the NASCAR Hall of Fame courtyard in Charlotte, NC last week with a unique lesson plan on the importance of turning small savings into big bucks. 


At the Prudential Retirement Challenge, they toppled a 30-foot-tall domino stone, beginning with just a normal-size domino, to illustrate the long-term outcome of systematic retirement investing. By toppling the 30-foot domino, Prudential set a new world record for the tallest domino stone ever toppled — and yes, a Guinness Book of World Records official was on hand to verify the achievement. Prudential plans to use video from the event in upcoming advertising campaigns.

The stunt involved Harvard professor and best-selling author Dan Gilbert asking bystanders how much money they had in their pockets. He then calculated how much that amount, $45 in one example, would grow into if saved on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Prudential built the domino chain on a scale to mimic the typical growth of retirement savings for an average person.