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Still Sharing Revenue Sharing?

A NAPA Net reader recently commented, “While I have an inkling of the trends with respect to revenue sharing, I’d like to understand what’s really happening.” So this week, we’d like you to “share” what you’re seeing with revenue sharing. Oh – and how about those Super Bowl commercials?

The Plan Sponsor Council of America’s 61st Annual Survey of Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans finds 17% of plans use revenue sharing, down from 21% in 2014, though a third use a combination of institutional pricing and revenue sharing. So – is revenue sharing still in place with the plans you work with, or has its use faded? Are you using “clean” shares? And what counsel, if any, do you offer plan sponsors on the subject? Let us know what you’re seeing – and saying – respond to this week’s NAPA Net reader poll at

And we’ll have it all wrapped up for you on Friday!

Oh – and let us know what you thought of the Super Bowl commercials!