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TGIF…No, Really.


Well, here we are again at the end of yet another workweek –and yet, just look at what happened to these guys and gals…

First, some odds and ends…

In Flint Township, Michigan, an unnamed pilot of a small plane lost power, and had to make a forced landing… in a most unusual place…and yes, we have pictures! Read more.

In the European Union…wipe “out?” Read more.

In Gloucestershire, UK, we now have something called …”hooligan” sheep…  Read more.

In Richmond, Virginia, Richmond Animal Care and Control happily announced that their largest feline resident, Patches, was adopted….the enormous cutie weighs in at…how much?  And yes, we have pictures… Read more.

You know how sometimes those mechanical issues that delay flights that never really seem to have anything to do with actually flying the plane?  Well, just check out what aater leaking from the bathrooms of a Delta Air Lines plane did to a flight from Prague, Czech Republic, to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport… Read more.

And now for the main “events”: 

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, Pastor Alejandro Escamilla from the Fuente de Vida Church here was distributing food to folks in need one recent Saturday…and there were a lot of them, apparently – with dozens of cars lined up… then guess who showed up?  Read more.

In Clearwater, Florida, Daniel Ascencio Barrera, 34, was pulled over here…initially found to be driving with a permanently revoked license…but then a “large clear bag” was found…containing what Daniel claim was chili powder… Read more.

In Wangaratta, Australia, Dan Saunders, 29, was out drinking one night… left the bar to get cash…and discovered an ATM… that was allowing him to withdraw beyond his balance…and I mean WAY beyond his balance…so, what do you think Dan did?  $1.6 million later…  Read more.

Near Gas, Kansas, an unnamed 30-year-od was driving his Ford Ranger…on “weed day”…and in the spirit of that commemoration, he decided he’d light up…and to do so required him to drive with his…what?  Read more.

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Cameron Ernest Belle, 62, stopped at an intersection here…in front of Williamsport police officers…at an intersection that didn’t have a stop sign for the direction Cameron was travelling…confronted, Cameron slurred his words…coupled with bloodshot eyes and droopy eyelids…showing signs of impairment during a sobriety test…but then there’s the issue of what officers found in his sock…and in one of his pants pockets…but the real kicker was how Cameron explained those “finds”… Read more.

Have a GREAT weekend, folks!

  • Nevin E. Adams, JD