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TGIF. No, Really.


If you think you’ve had a bad week, just remember – it could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)… 

In Ashland, Wisconsin, law enforcement received a report of a stolen vehicle about 5:43 a.m…. Fortunately, later that day the owner located the vehicle… undamaged… parked in front of a local convenience store… He notified police… who collected DNA and evidence from the vehicle… as well as surveillance video from the convenience store… and they identified the thief… in record time… oops… 

In New Hall, California, an unnamed thief stole a motor home… and led police on a wild chase… one that included (a) a crash into a palm tree, (b) a dog leaping from the vehicle, (c) a crash into a car, and (d) another crash with a car… Oh – did I mention we have video of all of this? 

In Lincoln, Nebraska, officers arrived on the scene of a reported domestic disturbance… aware that the man they were looking for… one Markel Towner, 26… had two arrest warrants… They found Markel (or someone that looked like him) in a parked vehicle outside the home… except that Markel gave them a different name… apparently forgetting about something… 

In Cashmere, Washington, Cameron Jeffrey Wilson, 27, had a pistol tucked into his front pocket… when it went off… and, as painful and troubling as that surely was… it wasn’t even the beginning of Cameron’s troubles… 

In Lyndonville, Vermont, Miller's Run Covered Bridge is listed as being 11 feet, 9 inches tall… so what happens when a truck, at its lowest, measures 12 feet, 4 inches tall? Why yes, we do  have video…. 

And finally, in Mounds View, Iowa, a billboard advertising pizza… albeit one from a local convenience store chain… is drawing a lot of attention… unwanted attention, as it turns out… hundreds of calls from local residents, apparently… so, what’s got everyone all “fired” up

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, folks! We’ll be off Monday for the holiday – but see you back here on Tuesday!